Well, the girls and I decided to take it to the streets this afternoon to deliver Christmas cheer (and cards) to our new community. I figured that’s the best way to get to know our new neighbors, and the girls love going on walks, meaning it was a win-win idea. The results? Lots of “Frozen” sung (it’s the toddler version of caroling these days), lots of mom-muscle gained pushing my two crazies around in a cozy coupe, and only about half our neighbors visited. However, we had a fun time (ringing doorbells is now E.V.’s favorite thing to do) — and to prove it, Cricket threw a monstrous tantrum when I informed her that it was all over. (Well, at least the first half is over. I *think* I might just have to finish the other neighbors on my own — if we want to get all the cards delivered by Christmas that is, haha!)

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