Spring Picture Days 2019

I use Picture Day as the perfect excuse to just grab a simple “stand there and smile” portrait of each of my girls. (And I take their pictures before drop-of on Picture Days because I’ve learned in the past that what happens between carpool and the camera click is always unpredictable and usually bad.)

Since I’ve come to expect the worst from school pictures, I try not to put too much pressure on making sure E.V. and Cricket are primped perfectly. And, truthfully, I already know that I probably won’t by the photo packages that are sent home. HOWEVER, I do get a good laugh out of how their pictures inevitably turn out. (There’s usually a stained shirt or dead-eyed smile or crazy playground hairdo.)

This year, Cricket’s Picture Day was rescheduled at the last minute, but since I had already snapped my own photos, I didn’t mind when she insisted on wearing an over-sized, old velvet holiday shirt for the real pictures. Or when Emma Vance’s photos came back and she had taken off her sweater, leaving her bare-armed and way underdressed according to school rules. My reaction? Oh, well! :)

P.S. Their facial expressions crack. me. up.

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