Stomach Bug? Seriously?!?


Remember that time my toddler and I had the stomach bug two days before my due date with Baby #2? Uh, yeah.

Last night Emma Vance threw up shortly before bed while running and jumping around like a maniac. Ryan and wrote it off as overexcitement, but within an hour or so she was up and barfing repeatedly. Seriously? All I wanted was a quiet, normal couple of days before this new baby is due. (But that isn’t in the cards it seems.) Last night was full of cleaning up vomit, changing sheets, changing pajamas, watching Tinker Bell movies for distraction, and, well, lots of baths (for both E.V. and her baby dolls, who got the brunt of her sickness since they sleep in her crib as well). This morning she was slow to get started, but she seems to have rallied this afternoon. Me, on the other hand? Yup, I got the bug starting this morning. I mean, is it even possible for a mom NOT to get whatever atrocious sickness her kids suffer from? If so, I’d really like to know the secret. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

The good news is that a lemon/ginger shot later (thanks to my wonderful husband, although it was terrible to get down), and I’m on the mend, too. I think I’m in the safe zone of being able to say that I didn’t go into labor while simultaneously suffering from a bad case of the barfs, but it’s been a long, rough day regardless. Thank you, Baby #2, for staying put over the last 24 hours. I owe you one!

Okay, pity party for one = done. ;)

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