40 Weeks Pregnant (Belly to Belly!)

NO1_0046Well, we made it! Today is Baby #2’s official due date! Our bags are packed; our house is clean; now it’s just a matter of time…


Just for fun, here’s a comparison between my 40 week picture with Emma Vance versus with Baby #2:

40 weeks w Emma VanceNO1_0039

Here’s the complete series of my belly, start to finish. Unfortunately I’m not one of those miracle women whose stomachs magically snap back into place before even leaving the hospital, so I’m hoping for no more than a 23-week-ish size belly. That seems realistic, right?
16 thru 19 Weeks Pregnant 20 thru 23 Weeks Pregnant 24 thru 28 Weeks Pregnant29 thru 32 Weeks Pregnant33 thru 36 Weeks Pregnant

37 thru 40 Weeks Pregnant

And, finally, I’m cherishing every single last moment with my first little girl right now. She has a weird fascination with Q-Tips, and usually I’d be annoyed finding her having dumped out an entire box of them. However, in light of our upcoming addition, it just seemed like a funny game to play along with this time, and so we enjoyed our Q-Tip time, counting them, cleaning Mommy’s ears and eventually throwing them away. (Hey, at least she cleaned up, right?)







 Okay, commence waiting game!

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  1. Todd
    April 28, 2014 / 1:55 pm

    WOW!!!!!! What an AMAZING baby belly!!! It’s so big,so round,so out there and SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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