She’s Here!


Cricket (or “Kit”) Ann Shove

Born March  22, 2014 at 9:11 p.m.

9 lbs, 5 oz.

Ryan, Emma Vance and I are so excited to introduce Cricket to the world (and into our family)! Our lives have totally changed in an instant, and we couldn’t feel more blessed. Or elated. Or exhausted. Or all of those things rolled into that one big ball of sweet happiness that happens when you hold your new baby for the first time… ;)


So, I know what you’re thinking — What’s the story behind her name?

We chose “Cricket” for our little lady’s name because we love the unique-but-vintage feel of it. It reminds me of a cute, 1950s girl who would’ve hung out with her besties (named something like Dottie, Sandy and Gidget) at a sodashop, chirping away about boys and school, and I’m sure that her personality will live up to that image —  bright, springy and full of life. Growing up as a nickname-er myself (Talie comes from my given name, Natalie), I’m a big fan of versatility when it comes to names, and since Ryan and I both loved “Kit” from the start, it seemed like a natural option for a nickname. We’ll go back and forth (just like we do with E.V. and Emma Vance), and when she’s old enough, we’ll let Cricket (or Kit!) decide on what she prefers. “Ann” is both our mothers’ given middle names, and we’re happy to honor their influence and roles in our lives with our littlest lady. We’re proud of everything they’ve accomplished and hope that Cricket gets the best of both their personalities.

In honor our little lady’s name, we’re going to give her vintage cricket keepers for each birthday —  starting with today! We hope that this small collection will always remind her of who she is and where she comes from — and that her parents have loved her from the moment she took her first breath in this world.

Let the fun begin…

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  1. Susan Spreter
    March 23, 2014 / 12:21 pm

    Oh so happy for all of you!!!!
    Love, love her name!!!
    Beautiful, beautiful baby girl!

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