Summer (Sponsored by the Letter P)


It’s halfway through summer already, and our days are melting into one long, hazy and humid memory. Over the past month or so, I’ve taken about a million pictures — only to realize that they all look like they could have been shot on the same day because they all pretty much consist of the same sort of activities:

Projects We’re about to call it quits on anything house related for a minute because I need for the dudes and dust (i.e. contractors) to be out of my hair for a bit. I’m appreciative of all of their work, but sometimes a person just needs some privacy. Plus it seems that the To Do List is constantly growing, swelling like a helium balloon, and so we are ready to take a breather and mark some of those to-dos, to-do-laters.

Princesses/Parties The obsession is consistent and intense. The struggle is real. E.V. is always coming up with some sort of princess-related want, need or thought, so we’re extra happy when we can do fun things like the princess-themed party we went to at Farmhouse in the City a few weeks ago. (Lots of pics below!) Oh, plus we’ve gone to about one million birthday parties over the past month. Seriously, people, what’s up with the summer babies? ;) In fact, our weekends got booked so quickly that we opted to have E.V.’s birthday party over a month after her actual birthday. :/

Pools Emma Vance and Cricket are water babies, and so we spend every afternoon (and many mornings) seeking out somewhere to splash…and deciding which bathing suit to wear. (All of a sudden E.V. has major opinions about fashion, mostly based on which outfit looks most like the princess she fancies that morning.) Most of the time we end up in our driveway, making use of the hippo pool my mother bought the girls. (We are definitely the low-brow folks in the new neighborhood. Howdy, y’all! Reckon we’re ready for a dip in that thar waterin’ hole!) We have been spending a bit of time at our gym’s pool, too, and at the local splash pad. <– Hey, there’s another “p!”

Popsicles Our family goes crazy for the Whole Foods 365 Popsicles (although we debate on whether lime or strawberry is the best flavor). Emma Vance and Cricket eat them every. single. day. No exaggeration. Sometimes one will be eating a popsicle, and I mean literally licking it, and complain that they want a popsicle. At first I was like, “Child, you HAVE a popsicle RIGHT THERE,” but now I just give them two to quiet them. So what if my kids double-fist popsicles? It’s a rite of summer.

Precious Okay, that’s a stretch, but E.V. and Cricket have been together nonstop since school got out, and they’re besties. I adore that they love each other so much, especially since summer would be miserable if all they did was fight.

Alright, that about sums up the first half of summer! On to the visuals…

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