Happy Fourth of July!


Well, today started off rainy and dreary, but the sun made its debut late in the afternoon here in Atlanta. Ryan wasn’t feeling too well after watching the girls all morning while I sweated through a freedom-themed hot yoga session (I. Died.), so we cancelled all our plans and decided to take it easy for our Fourth. While he rested, I took Emma Vance and Cricket on a rainy parade around the neighborhood in their swim suits. We got soaked, played in puddles and sang Happy Birthday to America (and Miles From Tomorrowland, too, for what it’s worth) for nearly an hour. After naps we played outside in the sunshine before dinner, and then ended the day with both Daddy’s fireworks show at duskĀ (which delighted the little boys next door, too) and a casual viewing of our city’s fireworks display once it got dark. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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