Sunday Seven 2018 (Week 2)


8 / 365: Miss Stephanie is here to put the girls to bed so Danielle and I can cheer on the Dawgs at the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! (Nothing says commitment to your team like having a school-night sleep over so you can cheer together while your husbands are at the big game.)


9 / 365: {Deep breath.} Today marks the start of my journey into not being a crappy cook. Thankfully Blue Apron is offering Whole30 meals, although I think we’ll be short one sweet potato for this recipe.


10 / 365: A little backyard soccer after school is good for everyone.


12 / 365: Papadon always comes bearing treats. This one is particularly apropos.


13 / 365: Ryan’s Nana and Pop are here all the way from New York! Yay!


14 / 365: Annual haircut, check.

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