Sunday Seven 2018 (Week 1)


1 / 365: Blowing off steam at the ice skating rink before we watch the Dawgs play (and WIN) in the Rose Bowl.


2 / 365: When your high school sitters kidnap your littles for an afternoon and come home with one of the sweetest portraits of your oldest (compliments of Chuck E. Cheese)…#stopgrowingup


3 / 365: After a too-short Christmas break, Emma Vance heads back to school today with a belly full of scrambled eggs (and hopes that she can make an unused egg hatch by keeping it warm).


4 / 365: Introducing Cricket to pawning, a new skill of mine since becoming an estate executor (sigh). She charmed everyone, of course.


5 / 365: The first tea party of the year with Papadon (who I SWEAR isn’t homeless, but definitely enjoys dressing the part, haha!).


6 / 365: With freeeeezing temps keeping us mostly indoors, winter madness finally drove me to give each girl $10 to spend at the mall. Emma Vance chose keychains; Cricket chose an LOL baby.


8 / 365: Starting off the year with KidStuf and goal-setting for E.V. (and Oscar, haha)!

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