Sunday Seven 2018 (Week 5)


29 / 365: Tea Party with Papadon (including REAL tea and lemonade popsicle “sugar cubes” — a concoction of their own imagination)


30 / 365: My little bear! The weather has been back-and-forth cold and spring-y, so this little scarf found its way out of the winter-weather drawer today.


31 / 365: We’re having a friend over for a playdate, so the girls made personal pizzas to eat (and then I predictably burned them — Goldfish all around!).


32 / 365: Cricket chillin’ casually at my dad’s house, waiting for Papadon to make popcorn and watch a “scary” movie (per her request).

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.12.40 AM

33 / 365: It’s Black History Month, and our elementary school is celebrating with Friday Spirit Days. For “Famous People in History Day,” E.V. is an Alvin Ailey dancer (and, yes, she went pantless in freezing temps to school, haha).


34 / 365: By coincidence we had two back-to-back gymnastics birthday parties today. Four hours of balance beams and trampolines later, and the girls passed out on the car ride home.


35 / 365: It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and this poor kid doesn’t understand why the Falcons aren’t on TV…#heartbreakATL starts young around here.

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