“The Spy Who Loved Me” Valentine’s Day Party


This weekend we hosted our annual Valentine’s Day Party, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite traditions. Ryan and I aren’t “into” Valentine’s Day (no gifts, no dinner), and so this little soiree satisfies that let’s-not-be-totally-lame voice in my head when it comes to February 14th. Plus, DUH, I love to throw a good party!

Last year we went with a Mad Men theme, leaving me with a pile of leftover candy cigarettes.  They literally sat in a ziplock bag in my pantry for a year. I figured handing them out for Halloween *might* not go over well with the neighbors, haha! So I proposed a handful of themes to Ryan — most of which had an angle I could work to get rid of the bag o’ offensive candy sitting by the sugar and flour jars. There was a lot of debate, but 007 won out. (I’m pretty sure that Ryan’s dream of being a secret agent played a major factor in his vote, and I don’t blame him because he would be amazing as a real life Bond or Bourne.) So we asked our friends to dress as debonair and as vampy as would suit the world’s most famous spy and his gal(s). As for me, I had a Money Penny outfit picked out, but changed at the last minute — literally — to be more 60s Bond Girl (although I’m more awkward than vampy as you’ll see in the pics below, haha). We even had one badass couple come as Le Chiffre and Xena Onatopp, so bonus points to our funnest friends. ;)

A fun theme, fancy drinks, personal chef, good friends and a killer excuse to dress up? I love you, Valentine’s Day Party! Let’s do this again, shall we?

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