Sunday’s Seven (Week 11)

(Hey, that rhymes!)


74 / 365: Our babysitter, Miss Stephanie, helps Emma Vance make a cross to use in her preschool study for Easter.


75 / 365: Emma Vance shows her excitement with a big grin while at lunch during Mommy + E.V.’s “Best Friends Day.” Her choices included Target, Chick-fil-a, OJ and hearing the story of Saint Patrick (which I had to Google).

NO1_5200 (1)

76 / 365: Cricket “shows” E.V. the book she chose to check out from the library. Emma Vance is…unimpressed. ;)

NO1_5085 (1)

77 / 365: Cricket is eager to celebrate her un-birthday at preschool with her choice for a special snack (shamrock sandwiches and leprechaun nuggets/honeydew melon) and a tiny, green party hat (of course)!

NO1_5205 (1)

78 / 365: The girls have a pizza + movie date with our fun little neighbor!

NO1_4515 (1)

79 / 365: Trying to spice our menu up around here, I’ve attempted to make breakfast more exciting. Cricket is…unimpressed. ;)

NO1_5209 (1)

80 / 365: Cricket shows off her artwork from church and can now answer the question, “Who wants to be your friend forever?” (Jesus!)


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