Top o’ the Knot to You! (Cricket’s Un-Birthday + Two Year Dr Appt)

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We’re gearing up around here for Cricket’s second birthday next week, but the annual festivities have already begun. Thursday was Cricket’s un-birthday at school — as well as Saint Patrick’s Day. Our family isn’t really “into” St. Patty’s: There are no gifts, no leprechaun visits, no green goodies. Typically we kinda’ just brush past March 17th each year in anticipation of Easter, but this year we had to give a nod to ol’ Patrick for Cricket’s un-birthday. With our school’s sugar-free policy in mind, we decided to do shamrock sandwiches and leprechaun nuggets (i.e. honeydew melon balls) for her special snack. Too bad I didn’t realize that honeydew doesn’t ball very well, so halfway through our feeble attempts, Cricket and I decided to settle for square-ish nuggets. ;) Who says gold nuggets have to be round anyway? A little green hat to avoid pinching, and she was all set to par-tay! (Preschool-style, of course. ;) )

That afternoon Cricket also had her 24-month check-up. What?? How did she get so old? The visit was relatively uneventful, just full of the usual stuff like refusing to be weighed, reading germ-covered books and making shoes out of rubber gloves (hey, don’t make us wait too long or I can’t be held responsible for our actions #momsurvival). The best part of the afternoon was Cricket’s hair, to be honest. I picked her up from preschool and the teacher had pulled it up into a tiny top knot. My mouth about dropped at the sight — it was like seeing a mini-E.V.! Sooooo cute. I about died, and then took about one million pictures to document the start of this phase. She really is growing up! Oh, and her stats confirm that growth, too: At two years old, Cricket is 36.5″ high (95th percentile) and weighs 29.5 lbs. (90th percentile). She’s one growing girl, that’s for sure! ;)

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