Sunday’s Seven (Week 29)

After America’s Hell Week, I’m happy to look back on rough times and see the good in the world through my children. I hope their childhood memories always look like these snapshots below, and not like the images we will all remember from this past week.


186 / 365: Happily celebrating the Fourth of July with our pal, Scarlett!


187 / 365: “Mommy, I have a surprise for you…I made a camp!”


188 / 365: Bringing a small treat to our neighbors celebrating the end of Ramadan.


189 / 365: Emma Vance is convinced that a pool is basically a bath, so she’s skipping tonight. Cricket is convinced that a bathtub is basically a pool, so she’s opting in tonight.


190 / 365: Doing my civic duty of teaching my girls about government…by paying a traffic ticket. :/


191 / 365: It’s about 103 degrees out, so we’re at the park naturally, haha! (Styling cred: Cricket Shove.)


192 / 365: Gold medalist Emma Vance Shove for the win! (At our neighbor’s gymnastics birthday party)

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