Conversations with Kids: Hopes of Dreams


The other night, as I was putting the girls to bed, we began talking about dreams. Emma Vance has been having some nightmares lately (about purple Minion monsters, my being mean, etc.), so we’ve been discussing how to control your dreams. I’ve always been an attentive and vivid dreamer (and it seems that she is, too), so I have a practice of thinking about what I want to dream about before I fall asleep as a method of controlling my subconscious. It really works!

Emma Vance: Mommy, I want to dream about something tonight.

Me: Okay, what do you want to dream about?

Emma Vance: Mickey Mouse babysitting me.

How does she come up with these things? ;)

Me: Well, okay! Cricket how about you?

Cricket: Big Me.

Me: Huh?

Cricket: I want to dream of Big Me.

Me: Well that sounds wonderful! {holds back laughter}


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