The Bloody Side of Nap TIme

E.V.’s new daily swim lessons have meant that her nap time schedule’s a bit tricky these days, and so yesterday I ended up needing to hold Emma Vance to get her to take a timely afternoon nap. She was a little squirmy in the beginning, but she managed to settle down when she reached up her tiny, chubby hands and grabbed my nose. For whatever it reason my nose entertained her for a few minutes while she passed out, and her scratching slowly turned into her simply holding my nose while she fell asleep. Clearly my nose is NOT the best option for a lovey (and the fact that it comforted her is definitely weird), but it was still adorable–right? Maybe you had to be there…

Anyway, eventually I was able to transfer her to the crib and go about my day. We had guests coming post-nap, so I went to freshen up my makeup in the mirror and realized that Emma Vance had given me a bloody nose! My sweet, innocent 11 month old daughter had scratched the bejesus out of my nose and then rubbed the blood all over my face in order to soothe herself to sleep. Bah. So much for my tender moment holding her to sleep! :)

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