The California Aquilios in Georgia


There are a lot of recurring conversations around our house these days, but two of the more common requests from Emma Vance are: Tell me when I was a baby [sic] and Show me my cousins [thank you, Facebook photo albums]. Well, after a visit with The California Aquilios here in Georgia, I’m pretty sure the obsession is cemented. ;) This weekend will be remembered as the time a dozen of us took up an entire row in a theater to see “The Secret Life of Pets” with Papadon; the one where we sat around my kitchen island listening to my dad rant about politics (typical) while trying to shield the youngsters’ ears; the one where Aunt Jill broke her arm (!!); the one where the big kids introduced the little kids to DSs; but most of all it will be remembered as the time we all finally got together, every last one of us.

Last night, after the cousin shenanigans were over, we headed to the neighborhood pool to swim with some friends. Somewhere along the way the kids got ahold of several quarters and began playing with them. Cricket kept shouting, “I found an Uncle Tony! Where is my Uncle Tony? Now I have TWO Uncle Tonys!” I have no idea where those two concepts got crossed, but it was pretty hilarious. And then, this morning, both girls woke up and asked what we were doing with our cousins today…*sigh* At least we have a few pictures to remember this weekend by…

P.S. Can you tell E.V. was thrilled to actually have pockets in her shorts for once? Ha!

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