The Downside of Hand-Me-Downs


I like buying baby clothes. {insert sheepish grin}

When we found out we were having a second girl, I was SO excited — for many reasons, including that I would get to reuse Emma Vance’s clothes. They were packed away neatly, all organized and just waiting for a little sister. :) The crazy thing I didn’t comprehend before having E.V. was how quickly babies grow! There was a point in E.V.’s infancy where I felt like I was running out of time, like I wouldn’t be able to use all her cute clothes before she outgrew them! This time around, however, I am ready — wear it now or wear it never!

I’m in the process of switching out all of Cricket’s 0-3 month clothes for her 3-6 month ones, and opening each box is like revisiting the past. I can remember so vividly a tiny baby Emma Vance in each outfit, where we were going and what we were doing. Now each little outfit is getting a second chance at life, another chance to be a part of our family’s history and memories, sort of.

You see, the problem with hand-me-downs is that a lot of baby clothes are seasonal, and unfortunately Cricket was a spring baby while E.V. was a summer baby. (Thus, in this 3-6 month lot, there are a ton of Christmas and winter clothes! Oops.) I love so many of her winter outfits, however, that I’ve been ignoring the sweltering heat outside and playing Christmas in July. (Cricket is no small baby, so there’s no way these 3-6 winter clothes will fit my 6-9 month Kit come Christmastime.) We’ve been sleeping in snowmen, playing with Santa on our shirt and snuggling around the house in our fleece pjs. I figure it’s cold in the air-conditioned indoors, right?? :/ And, let’s be honest, the difference in seasonal clothes has been a great excuse for me to indulge in a few new items for Cricket’s wardrobe. {another sheepish grin}

So there’s the downside of hand-me-downs — that whole “timing” thing, which can sure make for some awkward, unseasonable outfits. I suppose, then, the upside is that in about two years seasons won’t matter anymore, everything will just be “2T” regardless of the weather…and so I’ll have to find another excuse to buy those cute must-have clothes for Cricket. ;)

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