Tumbling + Juicing


We started off our spring activities schedule this morning with (drumroll please) GYMNASTICS! Since there’s no parent participation, the observation window to view the class is shared by about two dozen doting moms, and the gym is so huge that E.V. looked like an ant most of the time (a happy, jumping, tumbling ant), there’s not much to report. However, I know she had the time of her life because as the 2s class was ushered out and the 3s class continued on for an additional 15 minutes, E.V. begged to go back in. Not until next week, darling!

After gymnastics, we hit up our favorite juice bar, Robek’s, as a family — partly as a bribe to get a sad E.V. out of the gym successfully (she loves to “go get a juice”) and partly to outweigh the burgers Ryan and I scarfed down yesterday on our date night. I mean, a double shot of wheatgrass definitely counteracts any wrongdoing that a burger might’ve done…right?  ;)

P.S. Based on her reaction, I think Emma Vance might disagree about the wheatgrass. Hahaha!

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