War of the Wardrobe


This morning we had a very interesting toddler development.

I have a system that I follow in order to get us girls ready and out the door in the mornings, and that system is pretty close to perfect — including the part where I choose everyone’s clothes and get them shimmied into their outfits for the day. Emma Vance loves dress up, but so far has been easy going as to what I pick out for her to wear each day in the real world. However, this morning she was not pleased with my choice and refused to let me pull the super cute pink-and-polka-dot baseball t-shirt over her head.

“I don’t want to wear that!”

Okay, child, then let’s go pick something else out.

It took her a while, and in hopes of not losing too much time in our routine, I tried to help her by kneeling at her side and pointing to each and every shirt hanging in her closet.

“How about this one, E.V.?” No.

“This one?” No.

We went through a dozen shirts, and as the anxiety of running late for preschool mounted, I was ready to give in and let her wear anything…well, ALMOST anything.

Gazing with a severe lack of dissatisfaction at the clothing choices before her, E.V. declared, “I want to wear a Rapunzel dress.”

Deep down I knew exactly what she was talking about: her long, purple Rapunzel nightgown, complete with tulle overskirt and puffy sleeves. (A very obvious nightgown, I might add.)

“I don’t think we have a Rapunzel dress,” I attempted nervously.

“Well, then I want an Ariel dress.” (Whew! I successfully avoided that one!)

“Which Ariel dress?” I inquired.

“THAT ONE!” she grinned, picking out a cream, sparkly dress complete with tutu and sequins. (And, no, I have no idea why she deemed that particular dress as an “Ariel dress.”)

“…and my Elsa shoes,” she added for good measure.

Done and done.

It turned out to be Emma Vance’s favorite school outfit ever, and even though it was immediately clear to her teacher that E.V. won the war of the wardrobe this morning by commenting on it good-naturedly as soon as we strolled up to class, I was proud to drop off my happy little lady at school today because she was proud.

On the other hand, there was sweet little Crickie, donning her new bonnet and coordinating crib shoes as she clung to me like a koala as we paraded down the preschool hallways. I’m happy she’s still little enough to let me dress her without a complaint, and even though she’s prone to ripping headbands and bows out of her hair these days, she was pleased with her bonnet because she could chew on its strings. In fact, she managed to keep it on happily all morning, and even though Ryan complained that she looked Amish (whatever, mod bonnets are “in;” he’s just such a boy!), I was pleased that at least one of my children was content with the clothes I chose for them this morning. ;)

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