Turning 38 (GBBO-Style)

This weekend I celebrated my 38th birthday with a little dinner party with our small group couples. (We’re QuaranFamilies(TM), so don’t @ me, haha!)

Earlier in the week, I made beeswax candles (because why not?) and purchased yellow, white and green flowers from Trader Joe’s…but that was about as far as I went theme-wise. Then, day-of, as I began pulling out vessels and random dec acc, I saw a look emerging: Great British Bake-Off Garden Party! (Okay, so maybe it was more inspiration than actual theme, but thankfully my friends know it indulge me, haha!)

Everyone brought mixed drinks for the bar, we laughed at the same ol’ jokes (as it always goes with old friends), and everyone ate frozen coconut cake + homemade no-bake cheesecake late into the night. It was a perfect way to celebrate a birthday if you ask me. ;)

Here’s to one year older!

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