Valentine’s Day #Fail


Well, my Valentine’s Day surprise was a total bust. {womp, womp}

Ryan and I decided many years ago that Valentine’s Day “wasn’t our thing,” and that, for the most part, we’d just skip it as a couple. It’s been a great philosophy so far, meaning that there’s zero pressure to spend money or make plans on February 14th, but with a little one in our household, I do have the urge to celebrate these silly little holidays more than I used to. I want E.V. to have great memories of her childhood, so I’m on board with doing small, fun things to celebrate these special days. Well, at least that was my intention with Valentine’s Day yesterday…

I decided to make this little foldable tent for Emma Vance as a Valentine’s Day gift, and I was certain that she’d be enthralled with it. I even set it up with a felt heart banner to mark the occasion because I was sure it would be such a sweet memory (for me). However, she all but ignored it in favor of Peter Pan, which just happened to come on the television at the exact moment I presented my surprise. I had left the TV on with visions of her laying on her belly, leaning her head on her hands as she watched Doc McStuffins like a tiny teenager, but I was wrong. :( Oh, well, you can’t win ’em all, right? I should’ve known better that the lure of Tinker Bell on the screen would steal E.V.’s fairy-obsessed heart over my craft. What can I say? Valentine’s Day is all about letting the heart wander where it will, and if E.V.’s prefers pixie dust to camping tents, then how can I argue? :)

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