Vampire Baby Bites The Baby


(Scratches are of Kit’s own doing, but see that tooth-y indention? Yup. All Emma Vance.)

Everyday seems to be bleeding into the next, although I do have to say that there is a bit of clarity that’s finally returning to me now that Cricket’s on a decent daytime schedule. (Win!) A million little stories and anecdotes are forming each day, and I’m determined not to let all of them pass me by without writing them down. However, I’ve determined that I have the ability (read: TIME + ENERGY) to accomplish exactly one non-kid thing a day, meaning some days I have to choose cleaning over blogging. My goal is to get back to it more consistently once we’ve gotten past the one-month mark (this Saturday —  ahhh!). I figure that eventually I have to bite the bullet and slowly figure out how to be human (and not just a mom) again…no matter how tired I am. I mean, this exhaustion will go on for a while, so why not just embrace it? ;) So, in the spirit of documenting all the funny, small moments of life, here it goes…

Emma Vance bit Cricket.

Okay, so she didn’t exactly bite her, but the effect was the same. E.V. is OBSESSED with Kit, paying a ton of attention to her and borderline smothering her. Ryan and I are constantly reminding her not to touch Cricket’s eyes, lay on her, smush her, or pull her arms and legs. She loves to spoon little Kit and to get in her face and shout, “Hello, buddy!” (Don’t ask; we have no clue where she got that one from!) Sometimes her toddler excitement and curiosity get the best of her, though, and Cricket suffers the consequences. The other day, the particular consequence was a tooth mark and some tears.

E.V. loves to lay her head on Cricket’s, which is a habit we’ve been discouraging, but she just loves being close to her little sister, to be eye-to-eye and in her face. E.V. kisses her, rubs her hair and tickles her cheeks. It’s adorable when it’s not dangerous — and when it doesn’t involve teeth. The other night, however, in slow motion, I watched as an innocently-curious and overly-excited Emma Vance smashed her giant head onto Cricket’s, and then, under the guise of “giving her a kiss,” opened her mouth and pressed her two front teeth into Kit’s forehead. It wasn’t a bite exactly since her teeth were flat against Kit’s head, but it resulted in two tearful, woeful girls — Kit out of pain; E.V. out of confusion. (But it was supposed to be FUN…) Cricket got a red mark on her head that lasted a few hours, and Emma Vance was scarred for life from my reaction (which included a gasp or horror and sever chastising). It was a love bite at best, but after calming both ladies down, Emma Vance got her first (and last) “we don’t bite” talk. We had to nip that in the bud…haha, get it?

Sometimes you bring home a baby and within 24 hours you know they’re a vampire, and even two years later that baby is still proving your hunch to be correct. Here’s to my always-Vampire Baby and to her little sister — May she survive her big sister’s future affections!

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