Water-Free Tub Time!


Day Three of Snowpocalypse 2014 met us with quite a challenge to beat the boredom. Ryan, Emma Vance and I (obviously) didn’t leave the house Tuesday once the snow started; yesterday we didn’t have any reason to brave the icy roads, so we hunkered down at Amityville and ran through the gamut of ways to entertain ourselves; and today we finally hit the wall of boredom…at 10 a.m.

We were all a little stir-crazy today, and by a “a little,” I mean “A LOT.” What else could we do to keep from going insane?!? Although the roads were set to thaw around noon, the gym was still closed…as well as the mall…as well as the indoor place spaces. I figured that we’d be inside all day again regardless of the how the road conditions panned out, so I was desperate for toddler entertainment. Remembering E.V.’s latest obsession with “bathing” her stuffed animals in the leftover spots of bathwater (yeah, that’s a fun habit…not!), I figured it was time for ALL of her stuffed animals to get a “bath.”

We started with Baby, her Kewpie doll. Baby needed a check-up (Thank you, Disney Junior, for Doc McStuffins’s impact on our youth’s imaginations!), and once she checked out, all the other little stuffed animals joined in for a party. Although the tub was dry, E.V. was happy to play pretend bath time with them, even insisting on adding her true tub toys for them to “play” with themselves. So sweet. Yes, the stuffed animals ended up a little wet here and there, but it was worth it for the random entertainment after three days of being stuck at home. Plus, when we were done, E.V. voluntarily helped clean up, which makes this mom a happy mom! (True, she did then opt to join the stuffed animals in their bin, but we’ll still categorize the effort as a win!)


Um, Dear? That’s NOT how you use a syringe for a baby check up… :/



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