We Have a Crawler!

“Happy birthday, Grandma! I’m crawling!”

Today is my mother’s 65th birthday, and as a gift to her, Emma Vance decided to crawl–finally!

After breakfast this morning I laid her on the ground amongst all of her toys and then plopped myself down a few feet away to rest and watch her play. I was a bit under the weather (understatement) yesterday, so E.V. spent the day at her Nanny’s, and apparently she missed me, because she didn’t give one bit of attention to her toys today and was determined to make a beeline for her mom. It was crazy–she’s been struggling and frustrated for so long, and then this morning, all of a sudden, it was as if she was an old pro who’d been crawling for years. It’s absolutely crazy how quickly they develop!

So we spent our morning activity time chasing each other around the living room while the dogs happily joined in. Right now she’s doing a bit of an army crawl on her belly, and she only pushes off with her left leg, dragging the dead weight of her right leg behind her like refuse…still, though, it’s a crawl!

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