Week in Review


It’s Friday night (wahoo), and while most of you are probably out there living it up, I’m here, well, looking at pictures (surprise, surprise!).

It’s been a long week around here, so here’s what we were up to:

Sunday we went to church as usual and then relaxed all afternoon, including Oscar and Olive. They were happy to hang with the family…


…until I had the genius idea of killing two birds with one stone. ;)

(P.S. Pardon the hiney in this pic.)

It’s Ocean Week for E.V.’s preschool class, which is pretty much like Shark Week for toddlers, i.e. the most amazing thing ever. Emma Vance jabbered nonstop about the ocean in preparation for it and even brought in one of her favorite books to share on Tuesday.
NO1_2413 NO1_2401 NO1_2403

After school on Tuesday, I decided it was finally time to plant the honeysuckle bush I bought a few weeks ago. I’m a terrible gardener, but I’m trying because my girls LOVE it. So we ventured into our backyard for a bit, and I got exactly one-half of a hole dug before getting attacked by something that stung my leg repeatedly. The hole is still half-dug and fully empty.
NO1_2427 NO1_2419NO1_2442

Wednesday I got to steal away for a few hours to meet and take pictures of my friend’s new little dude, Gray, who is so adorable! #hearteyeemojiNO1_2536

Perhaps the biggest event of the week was that on Thursday Cricket went to preschool by herself for the first time! YAY! I thought I thought I was leaving her for a one-hour class, but at dropoff I realized that I had TWO WHOLE HOURS to myself. So I got a manicure. And a bagel. It was heavenly.

Her teachers said that there were no tears, that she loves baby dolls and hates sand in her shoes. Sounds about right. ;)

Crickie is going through a phase where she thinks it’s funny to avoid posing for pictures, so here’s her first-day-of-preschool-alone pics…sort of, haha! (Oh, and I got a ton of questions about her super cute dress from my friend, Andrea. She has an IG boutique you can follow called Lad&Lass.)


And I was OBSESSED (am obsessed) with her new bunny ballet flats. I had to take exactly one million pictures of them…for posterity’s sake of course.NO1_2732NO1_2728

Emma Vance got a round of laughter in the preschool parking lot the other day when she pulled her dress up and walked to the car with it over her head. Now she thinks it’s hilarious. I try not to laugh in hopes that she’ll lose interest in showing off her princess underwear soon. #fingerscrossed #notworkingyet


E.V. also thinks it’s funny to put on my glasses so she can “look like mommy,” while I just think it’s funny that my adult glasses practically fit my giant-headed toddler like they’re hers.NO1_2660

Random note/interruption: Emma Vance is going through a growth spurt where she is starving at night and in the morning, and her cravings are bizarre. (Today it was cherries and donuts. Huh?) She has a new request each day for breakfast, mostly consisting of some sort of dessert. Or, randomly, Arden’s Gardens juice. (I don’t argue or act surprised; I just do a secret, internal happy dance.)


Or she begs for cereal and milk, her current favorite.NO1_2671

Meanwhile, Cricket insists on attempting to use a big girl cup (unsuccessfully), while I’m still pushing the bottle on her. Sometimes we compromise.


Our girls are starting to get into fort building, mostly post-bath, pre-bedtime. (Note to self: Fort building is not a good wind-down activity.) Thursday night we had a good one going — until the girls thought climbing on top of it would be a good idea.NO1_2747

And, finally, today on a playdate, we discovered a local park that has a playground with a HUGE sandbox (more like sand area) and a manmade creek running through it. It was AWESOME. Emma Vance spent most of her time sitting on a giant teeter-totter with a bunch of random, older children (who thankfully put up with her) while Cricket explored every inch of the new-to-us park. And, BTW, it was HOT. Ugh. C’mon, fall!
NO1_2787 NO1_2788 NO1_2803 NO1_2778 NO1_2785NO1_2776 NO1_2764 NO1_2763 NO1_2760 NO1_2756 NO1_2817NO1_2820

And that’s about it! We’re gearing up for football season’s kick off tomorrow, so GO DAWGS!

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