Fall-ing (Go Dawgs!)


(You know you’ve got girls in the house when…)


I love fall. Like love-love it. All year long I’m eager for chilly days, amber leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything and football, and this year is no exception.

In fact, perhaps I’m even more eager than usual because I decorated for fall waaaaayyyy early this year — so early that I’m almost embarrassed to admit the exact date that I started pulling up bins from our basement. (Hey, I was having a bad day and thought to myself, “Self, what would make you happy today? Like right now? Decorating for fall despite the fact that your girls are still running around in bathing suits and eating watermelon? Okay, we can do that!”) I ignored the calendar and decided put up a few small things around the house to prepare for the coming season, and although I’m happy I did it, I must admit that it’s seemed a bit silly to stare at pumpkins and fallen leaves strewn about the house — until today! It’s the first day of the college football season, and we all couldn’t be more excited. In fact, this afternoon it felt as if the blur of silver britches and red jerseys streaking across my living room television made my decor complete. Finally the world around me has caught up with the vibe in our home, and in response all I can say is, GO DAWGS!!!

P.S. Please ignore our temporary “coffee table” and rug we have set up for the girls while we work on our design plans. ;)

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