When Ryan’s Away…

…the girls will play!

Just kidding. Actually, when Ryan’s away, we’re all sad. We just got through an eight day stint sans-dada, and by the end of it, the baby, dogs and I were in some desperate need of Ryan Time! My world lights up when he returns from a trip, and that feeling never goes away no matter how often he travels.

While he’s gone, though, we do a lot of communicating via phone, email and text. I like to keep him up to date on E.V. and the household (not to mention badgering him for answers for me to relay to clients in his absence!), and in return he responds, well, mostly to let me know he’s alive since he’s always go-go-going when he’s on shoots.

We both recently got iPhone 5s, which allow you to FaceTime (a concept that still eludes my 66-year-old father) without actual internet. Our worlds have totally changed, and thanks to a very old, grandfathered-in phone plan, we have unlimited data which means we FaceTime All. The. Time. Emma Vance is obsessed with phones, computers, televisions–basically anything with a screen–and FaceTiming her dada has made her obsession even worse. (Ours, too.)

However, once he’s home, FaceTime seems so hollow. Sesame Street and snuggles are way¬†better in person; just ask E.V. Besides, we’ll take real time over FaceTime anyday…

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