Word of the Day: Mermaid

the culprit

Emma Vance is a total chatterbox, and it seems that everyday she picks up a new word. Typically these words are things that we say repeatedly, like “no,” or things that we intentionally teach her, like “doggy.” Occasionally, though, one slips in that fits neither of these categories…like “mermaid.”

I only even mention this latest vocabulary word because it seems that in the past two days she finally picked up “please” (or, rather, “peas”), so I know I’m not totally failing in teaching my child good manners and basic words. (And, yes, that thought did crossed my mind when she learned “mermaid” before “please,” “thank you,” or “goodbye.”) A few weeks ago when she blurted out the word during bath time, to say I was shocked is an understatement, although I immediately knew exactly where she learned it.

Since we’ve been going to our gym’s pool lately, E.V.’s had a good time playing with the other children–and their toys. A while back a little girl had an Ariel swimming doll with a broken tail that she ¬†abandoned for the thrill of functioning toys, and E.V. happened to pick it up. And was instantly obsessed. Like, cried-when-we-had-to-give-it-back-obsessed. So, when Emma Vance came down with croup the other week, Ryan and I consoled her in a natural way–a new toy. :) Good parenting skills, am I right?¬†When we ran across the exact mermaid doll that had brought her so much joy previously, it was a no brainer, and I’m happy to say that it did its job in bringing her a little joy during a crummy time. Ariel became Emma Vance’s new bathtub best friend, and I started to say, “E.V., where’s the mermaid?” to her. Well, the word must’ve stuck because she says it right back to me now, and although it might not be the most functional word in the world for a one year old, it sure is entertaining… ;)

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