Yia Yia Morning + Genetic Hare-Brainedness


There’s something genetic about being a little crazy, and I’m no exception. I call it being “hare-brained,” and I get it from my mother. (Which I say with pride.)

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you’ve seen that my mother sends E.V. snail mail about once a week. The letters are nothing if not unpredictable, but often are filled with random things cut out of magazines. It’s a funny little thing that entertains the two of them and makes me laugh. It’s also a prime example of her craziness. Even with (or perhaps because of) her quirky sense of humor, E.V. loves being with her, so when my  mom asked if she could come over this morning to have a pool day with E.V., I, of course, said yes. Last night I told E.V. that she had to hurry to sleep “because Yia Yia’s coming over in the morning.” Her eyes got as wide as saucers and she began chanting, “Morning, Yia Yia! MORNING YIA YIA!”

The Yia Yia Morning had all the hallmarks of my mom — “illegal” McDonald’s for lunch (to which I pretended not to notice), a brand new kiddie pool (Snowmageddon 2014 destroyed ours), bath paints (which turned out to really just be colored soap, so, yeah), a shiny pinwheel (random) and a wooden birthday cake. (Playing “birthday” is Emma Vance’s latest obsession, and it couldn’t have come at a better time since we’re at T-2 weeks ’til the big day.) Even Cricket got dressed in her swimsuit to join Yia Yia and E.V., but the water was way too cold and the sun was way too hot, so she sat on the sidelines and observed with a smile on her face. #littlesisterproblems

Here’s a few pictures from our fun time with Yia Yia, plus a few from a couple weeks ago when we turned a box into a house for Emma Vance. (See? I told you that being hare-brained is genetic. Now only time will tell if the girls inherit is as well. #goodluck #nextgenerationharebrainedness)

NO1_0006 NO1_0009 NO1_0010 NO1_0019 NO1_0020 NO1_0026 NO1_0031 NO1_0044 NO1_0047 NO1_0055 NO1_0063 NO1_0068 NO1_0074 NO1_0077 NO1_0079 NO1_0081

Here’s the “before” pictures to the cardboard house, i.e. Talie Shove Hare-Brainedness.
NO1_0007 NO1_0019 NO1_0022 NO1_0030 NO1_0034 NO1_0037 NO1_0044 NO1_0055 NO1_0062 NO1_0067 NO1_0070 NO1_0073 NO1_0077 NO1_0081 NO1_0087 NO1_0099 NO1_0106 NO1_0118 NO1_0120 NO1_0122 NO1_0125 NO1_0137 NO1_0144 NO1_0152 NO1_0157NO1_0053

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