37 Weeks

Almost there!

So after nine airports and three shoots over three days (!), Ryan’s FINAL trip before the baby arrives is over! Hallelujah! I couldn’t be happier to have him home; it’s been a long few months, and now it finally feels complete around here.  Most of all, though his schedule is still pretty packed over the next couple of weeks, I’m feeling much more at ease knowing that he’ll be only a phone call away instead of a flight away in case the baby arrives earlier than expected.

In fact, Ryan got home just in time to attend my doctor’s appointment Thursday morning (yay!), which was pretty routine.  (I’m going every week now, making for short visits.)  They checked me, and so far, the baby’s sitting tight.  At this particular appointment I met with a new doctor, and Ryan got the biggest kick out of his first comment upon examining me, which was, “Oh! Looks like a big baby; definitely larger than average.”  Ha!  I just keep reminding myself that if this girl ends up being an almost-ten-pounder (per her dad’s genetics), then that just means I’ll be down ten pounds automatically.  It’s all about the bright side, right?

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