38 Weeks

Could I get any bigger???

So this week I’ve officially started receiving the, “Wow! You look like you’re going to pop!” comments from strangers.  Joy.  (Actually, I can’t blame them because that’s how I feel!)
I’ve felt “physically impaired” for what seems like forever.  In fact, it feels normal by now, so that’s not the issue I’m wrestling with these days–it’s the swelling.  Really I could write several blogs entitled “Dear Face,” “Dear Hands,” etc., but that might get redundant.  I would realistically entertain the idea of writing “Dear Knees,” but my swollen legs are pretty much one size from hip to cankle, so I wouldn’t know where to address the letter to since my knees have disappeared temporarily.  The most entertaining/sad part? My bootcut jeans pretty much look like they’re skinny cut these days, so I’m avoiding them and wearing maxi dresses.  Oh, well.  What can you do?  Every week I expect the nurse to tell me I have preeclampsia, but every week she commends my low blood pressure and tells me this is par for the course of a summer pregnancy.  Maybe I need to get myself one of those cat posters that says “Hang in there!” to remind me that it’s almost over? :)

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