$9.98 Worth of Fun

Silliest baby on the block!

Ryan took one look at a video of a baby falling in a pool and requested I sign Emma Vance up for swim lessons. So I did. Starting late May, she’ll be taking Infant Swim Self Rescue lessons for a whole month. Yeesh. In ISSR, she’ll learn to save herself from drowning by flipping over and floating (and next year by swim-float-swimming to the edge of the pool). She’ll finish up four weeks of lessons with a “graduation” where she has to fall into a pool fully dressed in winter clothes and successfully “self-rescue.” I am both equally excited and terrified.

Okay, I lied. I’m way more terrified than excited. But that’s something for Future Talie to deal with.

In celebration of her upcoming lessons, I’ve brought out the bazillion bathing suits I’ve bought her for this summer. They’ve been teasing me during this tumultuous March-in-Georgia, cold-hot-cold weather, but now that it’s safe to declare that Spring has officially sprung, I was eager to get her into one of them. Enter the classic childhood toy every kid should have, the baby pool!

The hose water was freezing cold (and dumping hot gallons of tap water didn’t seem to help much at all), the pollen was in the air (and in our lungs), and the dogs were jealous (and not afraid to show it)–all making for a comical and fun first “swim” for Emma Vance. She was a bit confused at first (“Mom, is that a bathtub outside in the yard?”), but once she got in a realized she could splash to her heart’s content, it was all giggles and excitement for about an hour. Then, when we got dried off and back indoors, my little naughty girl was too wiggly to get out of her suit right away, so she convinced me to let her play for a little while in it. Just this once, little lady!

For $9.98, I figure that it was money well spent! :)

(Can we just take a moment and smile at this little, potato-shaped body? :) )

(She’s always taking baby selfies, this one!)

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