Finger Foods

Ooooohhhhh. Mmmmyyy. Goshhhh.

Hurry up, little lady!

I know it’s just a process, but this whole “let me feed myself” phase takes so much time! I thought nursing for the first few weeks was the worst of the time-killers, but learning to eat finger foods is way┬ámore tedious. And long lasting. I mean, at nine months old, I’m already eager for her to stuff her mouth with handfuls of food just to get it over with! Thankfully E.V. hasn’t rejected pureed baby food yet like many of my mom-friends’ babies, so if I’m in a hurry to get out the door I just skip the puffs, banana bits, etc. and opt to stuff a spoon in her mouth as quickly as possible. :) It’s as if every tiny finger-full is new and exciting, worthy of inspection and consideration before consumption. (“Yep, it’s avocado, just like the last bite…and the one before that…and the one before that, E.V.”) I mean, yes, I realize this is a lifeskill we’re learning here, but it would be nice if she’d speed it up just a little bit…like, say, finishing her finger foods BEFORE the bananas begin to turn brown? (True story.)

The opposite problem? Stuffing her little cheeks like a chipmunk, then refusing to swallow or open her mouth for the ol’ finger sweep. It’s a funny little habit that she does just every once in a while, and on those occasions, I’ve resolved to just let her store up her rice cakes cheek-side until she’s good and ready to finish eating them. :) It cracks me up to see her (like this morning), playing in her corner, unusually silent and close-mouthed, cheeks puffed out as far as they can go. Oh, little lady. You are a funny one for sure!

I’m sure I’ll miss this phase once it’s gone, one day when she’s eager to rush away from the dinner table to call her boyfriend. Until then, though, I suppose I’ll just have to find ways to pass the {meal}time…

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