A Fairy Got Its Wings


We hit a major milestone this weekend, and this is a fun one…Saturday evening Cricket laughed for the first time!

Cricket’s been big on smiles for a while now, but giggling is brand new for her. (And, man, is it adorable!) The first time it happened, Cricket was nestled in my arms and we were all hanging out. She was gazing up at me with her almond-y eyes with a grin from ear to ear, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, she laughed — at me of course. (Should I be offended or flattered? I’m not sure. :) ) I immediately exclaimed, “Ryan! Did you hear that?!? She laughed! Cricket laughed!” And then, as if on cue, she giggled again for her dad to hear. Ryan smiled and responded, “Aw! A fairy got its wings.”

This, friends, is a prime example of why I love this man. What other guy would love his little girl so deeply that he not only happily has watched Tinker Bell movies ad nauseum — but has actually paid attention so that he knows that the first time a baby laughs a fairy is born? Not many, I suspect. It was one of those inside-joke kinda’ moments that develop so naturally between best friends who spend their lives together. Needless to say, his comment made me laugh, which seemed a completely lovely way to bring that special moment full circle. For the past two days Cricket’s been giggling here and there, and with each laugh all I can think of is my happy baby, my tinkering toddler and my loving husband...and fairies, of course. ;)

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