Dear Cricket (Three Months)


Dear Cricket,

It seems like yesterday that you were in my belly, but so much has happened in the past three months! With every passing day, you’re becoming more and more you, and we love that person to pieces. I’ve never met a more agreeable baby; you rarely cry and love to smile. In fact, we’ve jokingly been calling you “Smiles” lately because, well, that grin is to die for. Seriously, it can melt a heart in an instant, and you’re generous with it. The best feeling in the whole wide world is when you look up at me with a pout on your face, and then smile at the sight of your mommy. Sigh. I love you that much, too.

Emma Vance is obsessed with you, little Cricket, and it’s both heartwarming and terrifying. Every morning she wakes up, realizes all over again that she has a little sister (!), and immediately smothers you, saying, “Morning, Cricket! Missed you! Love you!” (And she means every word of it!) I spend a lot of my days reminding her to be gentle with you, and a couple times a week she goes too far, jumping on you or crushing you, bringing you to tears. There’s a few moments of recovery and chastising, but both of you bounce back quickly and return to playing immediately. That’s because, dear little one, as much as your big sister is obsessed with you, you are obsessed with her. On the rare occasion that you do cry out, E.V. is at your side in an instant, bringing your tears to an end and a smile to your face. Of course, there are moments that both scare me and make me laugh, like when she tries to feed you Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies or steals your paci (which, by the way, she’s fascinated with even though neither of you ever take/took one…go figure!). You two are best friends already, and I love it.

Cricket, you are so easy! I really can’t believe it; I thought your sister was good baby, but I think you might be even better! Although we were very scheduled with E.V. as an infant, because we’ve got a lot more going on with you here, I’d say you’re more routine than scheduled. You would sleep until 8 a.m. if your big sister didn’t wake the whole house at daybreak, which would be nice, but I’m not complaining. :) You take two small naps in the morning, sleep for two to four hours midday while E.V. sleeps (thankyousomuch), and then take one or two small naps in the evening. At 8 p.m. you’re ready to settle down for bedtime, and often fall asleep without a peep. You’re still waking up twice a night, but you’re quick to eat and fall back asleep. For naps, you’re at the mercy of wherever we are, meaning that you snooze on the couch, on your Boppy, on the floor, in the car, in the stroller…you name it, you sleep there! At night you fall asleep in your crib like a big girl, although many times I end up snuggling you in bed in the middle of the night. (You LOVE to be snuggled and held, and the warmth and comfort help you to sleep soundly.) The one consistent thing, though, is that you love to sleep on your side. You’ll be fidgeting like crazy and whiny as you try to drift off, and as soon as I turn you on your side, you’re out like a light! It’s uncanny. Not surprisingly, you’ve already been trying to roll onto your side, and you’re almost getting it. Go, girl, go! Oh, and you still don’t like being swaddled, so we let you sleep like a little kid already, free and unfettered. However, that means you scratch your face like crazy. Ouch! And when you’re awake, those tiny, flubby hands are in your mouth. You are constantly trying to find that thumb to suck on. In fact, over the past week you’ve started to get the hang of it, and it makes me smile to see you sucking that tiny little thumb. How adorable!

Our family has always been filled with big talkers, and you, little miss, are no exception! I was afraid that having E.V.’s big personality would stifle yours, but you’re already talking up a storm! I can’t wait to hear what you’re really saying one day, because it seems like you have kind words and big ideas already. :) This month, Emma Vance went to day camp for two weeks, meaning you and I had our Cricket Mornings. I cherished those few hours a day alone with you, listening intently to the coos coming from your tiny little mouth. You are my little sidekick, and I love having you with me 24/7. ;)

Right now your eyes are blue, your hair is dark (but much more tame than E.V.’s mohawk and rattail!), and almost everyone says you look like me. Your eyes are beautiful, like little almonds, and your nose is turned up (a Vance family trait). You’re starting to grow out of your 0-3 month clothes and into the 3-6 month size, which only reminds me how quickly time is passing and how big you are getting. Cricket, you are beautiful, precious girl. Beautiful.

Crickie, we absolutely adore you. You make our family feel so much fuller, so much livelier. You are our tiny little ball of snuggliness, and each one of us can’t get enough of you! We love you beyond measure.

Love you,

Mommy, Daddy and E.V.



Here’s what these monthly photo shoots really look like! Geez. :)NO1_0126 NO1_0128 NO1_0131


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