A Shower Fit for a (Muppet) Baby


Five years (or more) ago, while most likely avoiding painting another wall or fluffing another bed, my friends and I chatted and dreamed about our futures — husbands, babies, houses…and showers. My friend, Lindsay, had a love of Muppets, so during those long days dreaming, we joked about her one-day baby shower and how we would theme it around The Muppets. And, then, today, years down the road from those days, we had the joy of showering Lindsay for her first baby. And the theme was Muppets, of course. How fun is that?

Despite the fun we had making Lindsay earn her presents by playing a game identifying bedding from our previous lives at Pottery Barn Kids (where she guessed “Whitney” at least half a dozen times, haha!), the highlight was definitely Lindsay’s mom making a surprise appearance from Maine and wowing us all. What a lucky, loved little girl Parker will be and already is. Happy Baby, Lindsay!

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