Mom’s Moments 2017

Oh, Mom Moments, how I love thee. Seriously, getting to see my girls interact with their classroom and classmates is The Best. Over the past week I had my annual chance to participate in my little love’s educational world, and it was as amazing as I hoped.

Highlights from E.V.’s day: building a tower of biscuits + jelly, decorating a rainbow mural with our mutual fave color (aqua), and the moment E.V. thought her name had been drawn from a bag for a special role (oops)

Highlights from Cricket’s day: exploring the indoor “veggie garden,” having my portrait made by a toddler, being read to sleep in the loft, and hearing Cricket sing a special “Mom is Wow” song

My overall favorite thing, though? Those hilarious “About My Mom” posters. #allthehearteyes

IMG_4758 IMG_4770 IMG_4765IMG_4785 IMG_4793 IMG_4795 IMG_4797 IMG_4799IMG_4801 IMG_4803 IMG_4804 IMG_4806 IMG_4807 IMG_4976IMG_4978 IMG_4980 IMG_4982 IMG_4983 IMG_4986 IMG_4990 IMG_4995 IMG_4999IMG_5009 IMG_5010 IMG_5014 IMG_5016 IMG_5018 IMG_5029 IMG_5033

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