Baby Announcement + Vampire Fangs

NO1_0160 - Version 2

For posterity’s sake (and because the proud parent in me would want to send everyone I’ve ever met one), here’s Cricket’s baby announcement! I’ve been working on my hand-lettering, mostly to figure out what “my style” of writing will be, so I’m taking every opportunity to write-write-write! I’m still working on figuring it out, but I think looking back at pieces like these will make me smile one day.


The other small thing going on around here that I’d like to memorialize is Emma Vance’s transition into a full-fledged Vampire Baby. Her incisors are slowly working their way into the world, and the more they emerge, the more I’ve come to terms that I’ve birthed a literal vampire. My gosh, those fangs are, well, FANGS! Seriously, are her incisors way more fang-like than the average kid??



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