Birthday Fun!

I’m not too big on birthdays myself, but I am big on firsts and lasts. (And this is a big “first”–perhaps Emma Vance’s biggest “first” yet.) I wanted today to be relatively low-key for E.V., so today was about the three of us celebrating the little girl who officially made us a “family.” :)

We started out with special breakfast waffles (instead of E.V.’s normal scrambled eggs). Let’s just say she prefers carbs to protein…ha!

“{incoherent mumbling}”
Oops! Missed one!

Then when Emma Vance awoke from her first nap, it was balloon time! She was super surprised and VERY excited. (Man, this kid loves her some balloons!)

“They’re all mine!”

Um, is this a choking hazard? :/

And we celebrated a birthday lunch with the grandmothers at Mittie’s Tea Room. (Ryan was a good sport and played along. :) )

(That jar of pennies she’s shaking ended up all over the ground about two seconds later…)

“Happy birthday!”


Yup, knew it.

thanking Nanny for her dress and for lunch
After another nap, just the three of us hung out, making a quick trip to Publix and then going out to dinner together, where E.V. made fast friends with the table next to us. :)
It was a sweet, simple day that I’ll remember forever. Over dinner Ryan commented with a grin, “Hey, we successfully kept a tiny human alive for a whole year! High five!” Yes, dear, high fives all around.

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