Rain or Shine, The Party That Almost Never Was

I consider myself a pretty detail-oriented person, but God likes to knock us off our own pedestals once in a while. Whenever that happens, I try to remind myself that it’s good for the soul.

I also consider myself pretty aesthetically-oriented, but, once again, sometimes God uses our abilities to teach us lessons. Whenever that happens, it stinks even more because it’s a double whammy.

Ryan and I went back and forth over Emma Vance’s first birthday party theme (it’s the important things in life, right? :/), and after about a dozen rejects, finally landed on peaches. (I’m not sure why that was the winner, perhaps because it was the final suggestion we came up with before reaching mental exhaustion.) So I started designing her invitation immediately, and even though we were having difficultly landing on a date with the park where we wanted to host it, I went ahead and put a mental checkmark next to “create invitation” on my party to-do list. Then a few weeks passed, we landed on a date, I sent the invites to the printer and mailed them out. Done!

The very next day the first email came in. “I might be missing something here, but what is the date of E.V.’s party?” Crap. In all of my efficiency, I had forgotten to add the date! Bah. So a few texts, emails and Facebook posts later, and most of our friends and family had gotten the update. But seriously? Who does that? Talie Shove. That’s who.

So here’s my final reminder, friends and family, that TOMORROW, JUNE 29th, is Emma Vance’s party. And, yes, the weather looks potentially rainy, but we’re not thinking about that. Rain or shine, we’ll see you under the pavilion where it’s dry AND where we have a heavy-duty fan waiting. :)

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