Clara June Visits Amityville

How  could this face not make me want Emma Vance to be little again?

I love when my friends have babies. It’s been so long (or so it seems) since Emma Vance was a tiny, helpless little newborn, and seeing people I love carrying around their own tiny, helpless little newborns lets me relive those fleeting days vicariously.

With an impending baby shower, Alli made the trek to Amityville this afternoon with Clara in tow to rummage through my collection of party-ware.  (“Collection” is the term hoarders often use to refer to their own hoards, note to self. But it’s not hoarding if you actually USE the stuff, right?) It was the first time Emma Vance has spent any significant time with a true baby-baby, and it made me both happy and sad to have the Finlay girls over to play and plan. On the one hand, it reminds me that I want E.V. to be little again. She’s growing up so fast; I can’t take it! On the other hand, being able to coo over little Clara is such a joy and makes the sad moments come and go quickly.


Oh well. You can’t turn back the clock; you can only enjoy the moment you’re in. Here’s a glimpse into today’s “moments:”


As you can clearly see, E.V. makes a WONDERFUL playmate, and clearly Clara will be back for another play date. (Although next time hopefully E.V.’s efforts to teach Clara “So Big!” will pay off a bit more. Ha!)

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