Conversations with Kids (Post Nap)


Something is throwing Emma Vance’s sleep schedule out of whack these days, and so she’s been waking up SUPER early lately. Typically this means that she takes really hard, long naps, and today was no exception. She usually wakes up and immediately yells in a whiny voice for me; after I’ve drug her heavy little, limp body out of bed and deposited her in our master bed to slowly rise, she usually starts asking for food. Today, however, she woke up really refreshed, and so she was standing up and talking to no one in particular post-nap today.

E.V.: I painted a purple daisy!

Me: {confusion as I tune in to the monitor to listen to Emma Vance’s ramblings}

E.V.: A butterfly cookie! Where is it? Oh, THERE it is! Butterfly coooookie.

          A pretty Cricket! I love you, Cricket! {Cricket’s asleep in the other room}

Me: E.V., did you have good dreams? {as I enter the room}

E.V.: Hey, Mommy! A daisy! It’s pretty.

          Shhh. There it is. {pointing to nothing in particular}

          Are we going swimming? Eat Pirate booty? Oh, hey, Mommy.

Seriously, what did that girl dream about? Whatever it was, it sure put her in a good mood! :)

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