Cricket is SIX! (A Quarantine-Themed Birthday at Home)

Well, I always hope my kids’ birthdays will be memorable — but next year I think I’ll be a little more specific with my wishes, haha!

I’m sure that Cricket will talk about her self-quarantined sixth birthday for the rest of her life, and I hopeful that she’ll remember the highlights, not the lowlights.

Highlights: Cricket woke up this morning and was fully dressed to the nines by 7 a.m. She has been looking forward to this day for months, so a little coronavirus outbreak wasn’t going to stop her! She got to choose her breakfast (Starbucks grilled cheese n’ chai) and then opened her gifts. She was very specific this year: She wanted Lindor Truffles and a Magic 8 Ball. (Okay?) So that’s what she got! I also threw in a small LOL Doll, some Beverly Cleary books, and a swing chair for her room, because quarantine. Yesterday we made a birthday cake and decorated it, which she was eager to dig into today. (Yellow cake boxed mix, cans of chocolate frosting, and M&Ms for the win!) We also had a virtual celebration with slime and besties where we sang “Happy Birthday” and reconnected after too much time without seeing one another’s faces. And, as a mom, my highlight was learning at her well check that our Cricket is TALL (in the 94 percentile to be exact!).

Lowlights: Yesterday was supposed to be her party. Sigh. Yes, it’s just postponed, but it still feels a little disappointing. Mostly what was missing from today was her people. Cricket loves to be the center of attention and to be with her friends, so it was hard today continually saying “no” to every request for interaction. Thankfully our Zoom call did a lot of good, but it was still hard. Let’s just say that when we do actually get around to having her birthday party, she is going to go crazy from excitement!

Happy birthday, sweet girl. I hope next year is less memorable. ;)

Here are some six-year-old pics from a few weeks ago. We were worried about the weather being crummy leading up to today, which is why we grabbed some balloons and snapped a few images at a local farm + nursery. (We definitely didn’t know that the world would be crummy instead!) Also, I totally thought there would be wayyy more colorful flowers available to photograph her among, but unmet expectations might be the theme for this birthday, haha!

The closest we got to partying on Cricket’s birthday was a Zoom call with besties — filled with slime + a virtual cake time!

Yesterday we made box cake for today’s home celebration. It took all day between baking, cooling and decorating, which I was for once thankful for. #keepthembusyplease Although Cricket was upset that she couldn’t lick anything, haha!

And Ryan’s mom sent the birthday girl warm cookies for her would-have-been party day!

Six year doctor’s appointment, and our Cricket is healthy, happy, and TALL!

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