Easter 2020 (The One with Tamagotchis)

Last night, as I tucked E.V. into bed, I reminded her what would happen in the morning—

When you wake up it will be Easter! And I’ll have your Easter baskets all ready, so don’t sneak down stairs before I wake up.

We’re not anti-Easter bunny, but we’ve never really made a big deal about where the girls’ baskets + gifts come from. Honestly, it just never really came up, and I figured it would just be one more thing to undo later in parenthood. So when I casually mentioned that I filled her Easter basket, E.V. paused the conversation.

What do you mean YOU made our Easter baskets? What about the Easter bunny?

I wasn’t ready for a big conversation, so I just casually responded that this year I had bought and assembled the Easter baskets. I didn’t say there wasn’t an Easter bunny…but I also didn’t say there was an Easter bunny.

I waited a few seconds as E.V. worked through what I had said, and when she finally responded, I was surprised.

Well, I’m just going to erase from my brain that you said that. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…gone.

Mom, I can’t wait to see what Jellybean, the Easter bunny, brought me tomorrow!

I just smiled and went with it. I mean, in times like these, I’m not going to rob my kid of more of her innocence than necessary. Especially when she’s willing to fight for it. 

So I just winked, hugged her goodnight, and reinforced that I was also excited to see what the Easter bunny brought her in the morning.

Seriously, all they wanted were Tamagotchis, so it was the hit of the day!

As we geared up earlier this week for Easter, we kicked off festivities with cookie decorating.

We dyed eggs earlier this week, too! The weather was crummy today, so we did our egg hunting in yesterday’s sunshine.

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