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This past month at home has been hard — not really because we’re stuck at our house, but more so because homeschooling is rough. Our charter is amazing, but (even though I’m thankful for their thoroughness) I’m simply just not able to keep up with the expectations they’ve set. Sigh.

Most mornings I start my day with a self pep-talk, but, TBH, by noon the wheels have fallen off the homeschool wagon: I’ve nagged, yelled, begged, and bribed E.V. and Cricket to just do their dang work by the time I hand them a paper plate of whatever for lunch.

And then I spend all afternoon either making up for feeling like Mean Mom or avoiding all other responsibilities. 

I say all this because when I look at all these great moments I snapped pics of — they’re truly just seconds within full days of feeling like a failure. And I want to be truthful about that. To you, to me, to my girls one day when they read back on this time under quarantine. This season of life sucks. And that’s that…except for these moments.

Dear children, please only remember these moments. 

During this season where our home was also our school, here’s how we spent our time:

We made French bread!

The girls got skateboards.

E.V. learned to Zoom, haha!

We dug out alllll the trinket-y junk and gave it new life. 

We randomly crafted…anything we could find. Including sticks.

We made oobleck and called it science class.

We attempted to learn to ride a two-wheeler (and ended up picking flowers instead).

The girls lost a total of THREE teeth in our first month at home!

We juiced — because what else do you do with a box of 72 oranges you panic bought at Costco?

Cricket avoided focusing on her lessons with anything and everything, including tangrams.

We chalked our hair!

We wrote camp penpal letters with Daddy’s help.

We made our own summertime in the driveway!

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