Cricket’s Fourth Birthday


Cricket’s birthday (well, in reality, her birthday MONTH) is finally over. My littlest has been milking her big day for everything it’s worth, and I’m totally okay with that. ;)

We’re doing a joint party for both girls later this spring, so Cricket’s birthday lunch at school was her big celebration for the day (along with some shopping + family dinner). She chose Chick-fil-a for the meal, paper crowns (“because I’m a princess”), and (of course) her LOL-themed cake for dessert while Ryan read to the class.

I know she’s sad that it’s over, but her birthday could NOT have been more perfect for her big personality. I’m so excited to get to know four-year-old Cricket, although I’m sure she’s just as ridiculous as one-, two- and three-year-old Cricket. ;)

IMG_8660 IMG_8662IMG_8651 IMG_8665IMG_8655 IMG_8668 IMG_8673

Cricket was so excited to have an LOL cake that she and Ryan presented the cake to her friends, haha!

IMG_8680 IMG_8685 IMG_8702
My little attention-lover soaked in everyone singing “Happy Birthday” to her — even though there was no candle to blow out (because preschoolers) and even though her cake was actually muffins (because preschool rules).

IMG_8709 IMG_8707IMG_8723 IMG_8727

While the kids ate cake, Ryan was the not-so-mysterious reader. Cricket chose “Happy Birthday, Buddy Blue,” and the kids were surprisingly riveted. I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal of bringing Rainbow Brite to a new generation, haha!

IMG_8743 IMG_8748 IMG_8749 IMG_8762 IMG_8764 IMG_8777

The highlight of Cricket’s preschool celebration was that the boy she’s earmarked for her future husband called her “beautiful.” She couldn’t stop gabbing about it on the way home! #smitten

IMG_8783 IMG_8786 IMG_8791

After school, I took Cricket to Target to spend her gift card + cash that Uncle Jon + Great Grandma Vance gave her. Her choice surprised no one.


Cricket chose dinner at Peace Love & Pizza, our current family fave. Well, actually she chose Menchie’s, but we insisted that frozen yogurt + one million toppings didn’t count as dinner. ;)


On Friday, Ryan’s mom took Cricket shopping for one last birthday spree. She chose some babydolls, a bathtub, and clothes (of course!).


Whew. Thankfully I’ve got 365 days to rest before the next one! ;) Happy birthday, Cricket!

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