Sunday Seven 2018 (Weeks 11 + 12)

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 1.56.07 PM

71 / 365: Practicing for “Kids Baking Championship,” and apparently she only wants to perfect her yogurt-water-honey cake recipe, not her on-air smile. ;)


72 / 365: Our family likes aqua, and each other…most of the time, haha!


73 / 365: Pajama Day (with a Crazy Hair bonus) at preschool!


74 / 365: We’ve got a kindy friend over for an after-school play date, and so the American Girl dolls are getting some love.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 1.56.20 PM

75 / 365: Ryan’s Dad Dreams are coming true as he coaches E.V.’s soccer team (as a stand-in)!


76 / 365: Rain can’t stop the Fury girls from going 3-0, especially under Ryan’s watch!


77 / 365: Getting ready to cut a rug at the inaugural Family Dance for ICSA, and my people are looking sharp!


78 / 365: Celebrating Papadon’s 71st with a yummy cupcake.


79 / 365: Emma Vance got to choose any book she wanted at the school Book Fair, and she (of course) went with “Itsy Bitsy Cuties.”


80 / 365: In preparation for Cricket’s big day tomorrow, I’ve made her an LOL Mermaid Doll cake, which (thank goodness) she loves. Whew. Girl has high standards!


81 / 365: HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY, CRICKET! (May you get all the LOL dolls your little heart desires — if that’s even possible!)


82 / 365: Ryan reads “Happy Birthday Buddy Blue” to Cricket’s class for her birthday lunch.


83 / 365: Cricket has a guitar obsession lately, which is good when Ryan’s there to supervise and dangerous when he’s not, haha!


84 / 365: Cold, rainy days are perfect for transforming into mermaids!

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