Dear Cricket (Four Months)


Dear Cricket,

FOUR MONTHS?!? Time is flying by, dear little one, and I wish it would slow down a bit.

You are my mommy’s girl, and I’m soaking in every minute of it! You are my little sidekick, and even though it makes me sound like a lame mom, I hate being apart from you. (But, hey, with a smile like that who could argue?) :) I swear you are the happiest, smiliest, giggliest, most carefree baby in the world. Your dad and I joke that you’re just happy to be alive, because, well, it seems to be the truth! Every morning you lazily wake up, look up at me, and as soon as you realize that God gave you another day here on earth with us, the biggest grin comes across your face. (Nothing can bring me down after waking up to that each day!)

You continue to prove yourself to be content and very flexible; you only cry when you need something and nap just about anywhere! You are still a big eater, and seem to be grow in proportion to your appetite. We’ve been done with size one diapers for over a month now, but I’m still working through that last box, meaning your teeny butt crack is always hanging out of your too-small diaper. (I have to admit that it makes me laugh.) You are in 3-6 month size clothes, and are already filling them up! Yeesh.

Big growth requires lots of sleep, and you are a great sleeper. Nowadays you wake up whenever your big sister does (man, she is loud!), although it seems like you’d sleep in really late if she’d let you. Around 9:15 or so you take one small nap, and then at noon, you pass out as if on cue. At 1 p.m., E.V. sleeps too so that you can have some peace and quiet, you nap until almost 3 when she wakes up from her nap. There’s another snoozer around 4 and 6, and at 8 p.m. you fall peacefully asleep for the night. You’re only waking up about once a night (around 1 a.m.), but you’re quick to eat and get back to bed.

Those little “snoozers” throughout the day are amazing, although the reason that they’re only short naps is because Emma Vance can’t leave you alone. (Poor you!) Seriously, Kit, E.V. is OBSESSED with you. She can’t let you alone for even a minute, and you love her just as equally. She is constantly asking to hold you (“Hold ‘er?”), and this month she’s even been found holding you all by herself (when mommy’s back is turned). :/ She’s also taken it upon herself to teach you to crawl…which is cute but super scary for me! When you’re in your Boppy on the ground, E.V. will hug you around the waist, help you flip onto your belly on the ground, and then pull you by the arm while shouting, “C’mon! C’mon!” Yikes. You want to know the weirdest thing? You actually crawled the other day! I’m not sure if it was from Emma Vance’s encouragement and tutelage or sheer coincidence, but it happened when you were having tummy time on our bed. You had this moment of fierce determination, and as I watched, you scooched yourself about eight inches! I freaked out and yelled for your dad, but you were exhausted by the time he ran upstairs. ;) You haven’t done it since, so I’m hesitant to say that you’re officially crawling, but you have crawled…and at only four months old! Wow.

Cricket, you are such a joyful baby, and you are happiest with others. You hate to be left out, and are very vocal about it. Thus, you spend most of your waking hours in our arms and laps, content to be sitting up with the big people and a part of the conversation. You are a strong little girl and enjoy practicing sitting up and standing up on your own. There’s the most excited look of accomplishment and pride that you get when you have a successful go at it! You also LOVE tummy time (hence the crawling), especially when you get to play your light-up piano. You are fascinated with it, and I can have a good 15-20 minutes of free time while it entertains you. (As long as E.V. doesn’t crush you in her attempts to join in on your fun!) However, your absolute favorite toy in the whole wide world is Sophie la Girafe. You are going through a little bit of a drooling phase (as I’m sure those first teeth are working their way to daylight), and Sophie seems to be encouraging it! It’s such a good toy for you to chew on and with which to practice your motor skills, which are stellar for your age. You can accurately grab items that you are interested in and even pass from hand-to-hand (in an uncoordinated way).

With each passing day your looks are changing. I see specks of brown in your eyes, but they’re still blue overall. They sparkle in the sun, and secretly your dad hopes they stay that color. You hair is growing so fast, and is that same brunette color your dad and I share. You are so beautiful, from your almondy eyes to your little slopy nose. Add in that smile, and I’m a goner! I seriously could snuggle and kiss you all day long and feel totally fulfilled in my life. (And I think you’d like that, too!)

In fact, Cricket, your nickname is “Smiles” because of that smile. Because it’s so gorgeous. And uplifting. And often. You are full of joy and bring joy to others. You are a true blessing to those around you, and I can’t wait to see that manifest itself as you grow. I am so proud of you even already, little one.

Crickie, never doubt how much I love you — how much we all love you.  Four months is not enough time for us to show you the full extent of that love, Cricket, because it is beyond measure. We all will spend the next 100 years trying to let you know how loved you truly are. Hopefully that is enough time, although I suspect it is not.


Me (and Daddy and E.V.)

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Okay, mom, seriously. No. More. Pictures.


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