Looks Change


Before E.V. was born, everyone speculated on whether she’d look like Ryan or me, but once we were pregnant with Cricket, the question quickly became if she’d look like Emma Vance, not us. Then once she was here, I felt like I was going crazy — the dejavu was getting the better of me because Newborn Cricket and Newborn E.V. were total twinsies. For the first few weeks, the answer to everyone’s question was a resounding, “YES!”

Then things changed.

As the months have gone by, I swear there are times when my two little girls couldn’t look more different. (Especially in the eyes.) Sometimes I feel like they are barely related! (Isn’t genetics so fascinating?) However, there are these moments of clarity where I can see E.V. in Cricket and vice versa, and there’s something so comforting about that feeling. Mostly these moments happen when the girls are asleep and their faces aren’t twisted up in grins or frowns, and when they end up napping with one another, it’s especially fascinating to compare their cherubic little looks. Perhaps this fascination is partly to blame for me indulging their desire to sleep in our bed during nap time…but I’d be lying if their sweet, innocent begging didn’t play a major role in that decision. ;)

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